Member Update Tues 17th July 2018

Over the course of last week we took three calls from the Club; Two initially from David Southern and finally a call from Mike Martin himself on Saturday morning.
It seems clear that these calls were prompted by ST’s move to involve the potential of a sale to John Gibson of the Foundation. MM made it clear that this move had come completely from “left field” and they were caught by surprise by the whole episode, and it undoubtedly triggered their action to counter any such deal/possibility.
It would appear that this was ST’s last “twist of the knife” to leave the existing board in disarray with the potential that John Gibson would have had a controlling interest. It would appear Mr Gibson was used (either wittingly or unwittingly) as a pawn in ST’s end game and it has “backfired” on all concerned in that possibility.
MM has confirmed that this will now become part of a two component strategy rolling forward.
The first component was to be rid of ST, which is now achieved. We should stop and pause to consider the magnitude of same… he is GONE! It is what we have been pressing for, for the last two years and it has now been ACHIEVED.
Secondly, with ST gone, it now opens the way for a “bigger” deal to take place. As I stated on the forum last week, buying out ST was but a first step in an ongoing process.
There is a far larger and much more fundamental level of investment required to protect the Club’s future and I can confirm, from my conversation with MM, that the negotiation of such a deal is very much alive and ongoing. This will be a “substantial” investment to address debt, operational costs and further player acquisition. The fact that ST is no longer “in the mix” is a significant “positive” in that equation.
For reasons of business confidentiality MM would not reveal (neither should we expect him to, at this stage) who the party(ies) are that may be involved ongoing but we have no reason to mistrust any of the information we have been given.
I would like to remind all members that we have come such along way from last year and the level of communication (and indeed transparency) that we are receiving from the Board is as welcome as it is refreshing.
The root and branch examination of every business process within the Club continues and, we very much hope, that structural improvements will continue in a very positive fashion. We should not kid ourselves though… this is a MASSIVE task given the shambles left in ST’s wake.

FU has never been more relevant to this process as we formally join the SLG to continue to press for positive change within the Club. We ask for your continuing support in this long (and most probably painful) process also.
Obviously the “start” on Saturday has not helped matters and everyone (including MM) must realise that if results are not being achieved on the park, EVERYTHING else is arbitrary. Interesting and challenging times lie ahead in what could be a critical paasge of time in the Club’s history.
It is essential, we, as a group, keep making our voices heard and we keep the press on for continued positive change.

Keep on expressing your views and having your say…

Fans United Committee

Member Update Tues 17th July 2018

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